• Jesusa “Susan” Nagtalon, Administrator

    Comfort Living Elder Care #1
    8765 Inisheer Way
    Sacramento, CA 95828

    Comfort Living Elder Care #2
    8042 Brouilly Court
    Sacramento, CA 95829

    Phone: 916-524-2717
    Fax:     916-682-3620

    Emile A. Ramos, Manager
    Phone: 808-723-9973
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About Us

Comfort Living Elder Care is committed to helping our seniors reach out their optimal health and encourage them to pursue their hobbies and interests. We are dedicated to provide optimum care to our residents without compromising their distinctive characteristics and personalities. We respect our resident’s rights and seek to provide a peaceful environment around the clock.

We are State certified provider of Dementia, Hospice Care and Bedridden. We also offer Respite Care designed to provide primary caregivers a break and be able to utilize their own time.

We offer a variety of activities which will maintain and enhance both our resident’s agility and mobility.

Comfort Living Elder Care is a great place to have fun, stay healthy and enjoy life!

Please call us for your care needs at 916-524-2717 and experience a peaceful life style!

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